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Ratio is a non-profit organization focused on science communication and cultural projects.
Our mission is to reintroduce science and intellectual discourse into the broader cultural landscape. By positioning it among other forms of cultural recreation such as theatre and cinema, we aim at transforming science communication into a new form of intellectual entertainment.

We achieve this by:

organizing popular science events in different formats and sizes going from 100 to 1000 guests
creating original video & audio content generating 3000+ content consumptions per month
building a community of active individuals who are not just curious about facts and science trivia but eager to discuss complex topics in a consistent way

Our content brings science and culture straight into the lives and homes of our audience – on demand and on the go. It’s also a great touchpoint for reaching young intellectually curious audiences.

Our audience

Our goal is to make science interesting and accessible to everyone and that is why our initiatives are mainly aimed at a general audience of naturally curious people. We attract young professionals with a high level of natural curiosity, interested in science and skeptical thinking. They don’t have an academic background, but are generally curious and well versed in the latest scientific developments.

Our partners

We partner with world-renowned science organizations like ESA, ESO, ITER, CERN, IPPOG, British Council, The Space Generation Advisory Council, The European Skeptics Podcast, and many more. We’ve also worked with brands in the IT, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, research, and innovation sectors to help them reach new audiences and build Corporate Science Responsibility programs.
If you want to explore a potential collaboration, we’d love to hear from you!

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Our content

We often feature international scientists and produce content in English. If you’re interested in science and innovation, check out our content below.

Ratio events

Watch recordings from our past events featuring international speakers:
Talks in English

Ratio podcast

Listen to podcast episodes with renowned scientists:
Episodes in English

Support Ratio

Ratio is a non-profit organization and as such we rely on three main sources of funding: government grants, company sponsorships, and individual donations. If you like what we’re doing, you can support us in one of two ways:

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