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ESA Industrial Coordinator in Bulgaria

At the end of 2023, Ratio was appointed by the European Space Agency (ESA) to serve as the Industrial Coordinator (IC) for Bulgaria. The Industrial Coordinator will be the liaison between the ESA Country Desk Officer and Bulgarian entities interested in the space sector, in coordination also with the Bulgarian Ministry of “Innovation and Growth”.

The Industrial Coordinator acts independently as a central communication point to promote and foster the awareness on the opportunities available to Bulgarian entities to work in space. The IC will also assist and advise Bulgarian entities on how to best take advantage of the opportunities to work with ESA.

The IC also serves as an advisor to the ESA Country Desk Officer to improve the knowledge on the Bulgarian space sector and can help draw the attention to specific key interest points for Bulgarian organizations.

Meet the Coordinator

Ratio’s Founder Liubomir Baburov will serve as Bulgaria’s Industrial Coordinator. His extensive experience with science and technology as the lead of Ratio, as well as his business experience in multi-million revenue companies is a blend that will serve the needs for both research organizations and startups.

Ratio’s Program Director Sylvia Djoneva will be supporting the project as a Coordinator Aid. Her focus on detail and experience in organization and communication will be an asset to the day-to-day operations and information dissemination for Bulgarian entities.

Our past experience in communication and information dissemination, as well as the knowledge of the ESA PECS internal processes, will be a key asset in view of successfully performing the IC role.  

You can reach out to the Industrial Coordinator and the Coordinator Aid at

Our Goals

We will be working to improve the ability of Bulgarian entities to win contracts with ESA under the current PECS program, which will also position them to win bids in the variety of programs that will become available in the future when Bulgaria moves to the next stages of its journey to become an ESA Member State.

We will also foster long-term cooperation between different entities, both on a national and international level, opening up new opportunities for Bulgarian organizations. A final crucial part of our work will be directed toward human resources development, knowledge, and capacity building.

Planned Activities

The goals set are multi-faceted, and they will require a number of activities for us to conduct. This includes facilitating meetings between Bulgarian entities and ESA members, sharing information on available training courses and potential tender prospects, as well as individual support for entities interested in ESA opportunities when it comes to proposal writing, project planning, and more.

We will also work on expanding our contact network and using that for matchmaking between Bulgarian entities and international partners, as well as developing local networking opportunities and building roads to collaboration.

We will use this space to announce upcoming activities and opportunities for Bulgarian entities. If you’d like to learn first when these come up, subscribe to our mailing list:

Upcoming Activities

We’ll use this space to announce new activities that may be of interest to Bulgarian entities.

Industry Space Days 2024

18-19 September 2024, ESA/ESTEC (Noordwijk, The Netherlands)

The ISD is organised by the SME Office in the ESA Directorate of Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness to foster cooperation between different actors in the entire space sector. This includes pre-scheduled 1-on-1 meetings, an exhibition with ESA and industry booths, keynotes and panel discussions with contributions by ESA, industry, investors and institutional partners, as well as ESA presentations about future activities.