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Right now, an international fleet of spacecraft is returning massive amounts of data from locations across the Solar System. NASA’s Solar System Treks Project (NASA Solar System Treks) makes access to that data easier through browser-based interactive visualization and analysis portals. We can explore Mercury’s surface, look at Appolo 11’s landing site or compare Curiosity Rover’s route to the size of our country.

Of course, these tools have wide scientific applications. They enable mission planners, planetary scientists, and engineers to access and analyze data. The number of planetary bodies available in the project is growing.

Brian Day, the Deputy Staff Scientist at NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI), will tell us more about NASA’s most exciting forthcoming missions to the deeper niches of our cosmic neighborhood and about the Solar System Treks portals and will share some of its most exciting applications.

About the speaker

Brian Day currently serves as Deputy Staff Scientist at NASA’s Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute (SSERVI). He is also SSERVI’s Lead for Lunar and Planetary Mapping and Modeling, serving as program office level project manager and science lead for NASA’s Solar System Treks Project (SSTP). SSTP (NASA Solar System Treks) produces suites of online data visualization and analysis portals used for mission planning, planetary science, and public outreach. Brian has participated in various Mars analog field studies in extreme, Mars-like environments here on Earth. He previously served as Education and Public Outreach Lead for the LCROSS and LADEE robotic missions to the Moon. In 2007 he flew on NASA’s Aurigid MAC mission to record debris from Comet Kiess entering Earth’s upper atmosphere.

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