Ratio presents: Space Defence |

Ratio presents: Space Defence

12.01.2021 ( 20:00 ) | ONLINE | ВХОД: СВОБОДЕН

>>> Събитието ще се проведе на английски. The event will be held in English <<<

Living in a Solar System filled with ancient and fast-moving space rocks comes with a plethora of possibilities for something to go wrong🌠
Asteroids have influenced Earth’s development, as seen by the millions of impact craters scarring our world. They are also a promising source of future resources and – last but not least – they pose a proven threat to Earth and human civilization. Just ask a dinosaur, if you can still find one.🦖

The Chicxulub asteroid in fact is probably the most famous space rock in the world. Although you may not know its name, its impact 66 million years ago is legendary. Impacts from such large asteroids are immensely rare, but small- and medium-sized rocks are far more common in the Solar System and can still do serious damage. These asteroids sometimes reach the ground, but even those that disintegrate in Earth’s atmosphere – like the one that caused the Chelyabinsk event in 2013 – can create explosive airbursts and injure anyone who happens to be nearby.🎇

We know well more than 600 000 asteroids in our Solar System. Of these, around 20 000 have an orbit that crosses the Earth’s orbit, and 800 are on ESA’s risk list, meaning that they merit close follow-up observations. We are also sure that this represents only a minor fraction of the actual asteroid population.

So shall we be worried? We will find out that the dinosaurs did not know, in particular:
☄ What is an asteroid and how dangerous can it be?
☄ How can we assess the threat of an asteroid and what can we do to prevent catastrophic impacts?
☄ How can an asteroid be deflected in space?

This event is carried out under a program of, and funded by the European Space Agency (ESA).

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