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EP36 – Don’t Lick the Lava [w/ Robin Andrews]

This week you’ll hear our discussion with Robin Andrews, a vulcanologist and science journalist extraordinaire.

Robin, being an avid volcano aficionado, rushed us through a number of topics:

  • Which are the most badass volcanoes on Earth?
  • What do volcanoes look like on other planets?
  • What’s the only case of a person surviving after falling in a volcano?
  • How do we know if a volcano is “due to erupt” and why a real scientist would never use that phrase?

We’ve also learned how new technologies help us save people from volcanoes in a weird real-life drone-enabled version of Frogger. Even if you already knew there’s no big difference between lava and magma, you’ll still learn something new. Check it out!

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About our guest

Robin George Andrews is a doctor of volcanology turned freelance science journalist. He’s on the apocalyptic beat: anything where things make a lot of noise, from eruptions and earthquakes to the catastrophic deaths of giant stars. These always make the best stories, because they remind us all that nothing we do matters and life, essentially, is pointless. (Or, perhaps, it’s because he’s just a big kid that likes big explosions.)

You can find his science ramblings in National Geographic, The New York Times, Scientific American, Gizmodo, Forbes, Atlas Obscura, The Verge, and Quanta Magazine. He’s pro-mischief and anti-celery.

About the podcast

Ratio Podcast is a program for intellectually curious people. We’re having informal conversations, connected with or inspired by science. Bear in mind, we’re not experts on basically anything – but thankfully most of our guests are.

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