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EP94 – Understanding the universe at one coffee per year [w/ Achintya Rao]

Our conversation with CERN’s Achintya Rao started with everyday life under COVID-19 and went into the deep mysteries of the universe.

In the conversation, we discussed:

  • how do you talk about fundamental physics to laypeople (like Petko),
  • how can we bridge science and spirituality,
  • what’s the justification for investing in large-scale scientific projects,
  • what is the ROI of fundamental science,
  • what experiments are being conducted at CERN right now,
  • what is Achintya‘s favorite antimatter hypothesis being tested now.

We also casually invoked Feynman, Dawkins, and the Pope. Listen up!

About the guest

Achintya Rao is a science communicator at CERN, official CERN guide, and editor fo He’s pursuing a Ph.D. in science communication from UWE, the University of the West of England, in Bristol.

About the podcast

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