Ratio presents: Back to the Moon (Yuri's Night) |

Ratio presents: Back to the Moon (Yuri’s Night)

Although we landed 12 people on the Moon in the 20th century, we couldn’t establish a lasting human presence there.

Now we are closer than ever to achieving the next giant leap. This would become possible on the wings of the Orion spacecraft! A result of an ambitious collaboration between the US and Europe, Orion, however, represents only the first in a list of planned elements towards the goal of learning how to live and work in the lunar environment.

Scientists are also shooting for the moon (literally!), by already working on Lunar Landers, an orbiting space station for the lunar orbit called the Lunar Gateway and spacecraft needed to resupply and perform lunar landings.

We are therefore inviting you on a free VIP journey to the Moon beforehand now!

So fasten your seat belts! Ad Luna per aspera!

May the lunar colonization begin!