Ratio Presents: Vaccines during pregnancy |

Ratio Presents: Vaccines during pregnancy

Newborns and children under the age of 6 are very susceptible in the first few months of their life until life-saving childhood vaccines close this “window of vulnerability”. One of the approaches that are shown to be effective is vaccinating women during pregnancy against certain conditions that can affect the baby, such as tetanus, flu, and whooping cough.

This talk is going through: the mechanisms that can regulate immunity to infection in newborn babies, the role of natural and vaccine-induced maternal antibodies and the recommended vaccines for pregnant women.

Professor Beate Kampmann will talk us over the use of vaccines during pregnancy in emergencies like the current pandemic, the available safety data and the issues of acceptance, as well as how we can share information with pregnant women and families.
Новородените деца са много уязвими в първите месеци от живота си, особено преди да достигнат възрастта за задължителни ваксини. Един от начините да ги предпазим е прилагането на ваксини още по време на бременността

На Ratio Presents: Vaccines during pregnancy си говорим за:
Как работи имунитета срещу инфекции при новородените?
Каква е ролята на естествените и изработените при ваксинация антитела при майката и как те се прехвърлят в организма на бебето?
Кои са препоръчваните ваксини при бременни жени?

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