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RATIO 2018

Our next major event is coming on November 10.
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What is Ratio?

Ratio’s mission is to show young people the excitement, the mystery and the awe science can bring to the world by discussing scientific topics in an everyday language. To this end, we organize popular science events under different shape or form ranging anywhere between 70 and 700 people.

The platform consists of two main brands: the grander Ratio Science Forum and the more informal Skeptics in the Pub event series.


Ratio Science Forum

Ratio Science Forum is a full day event with international speakers and lots of on-site activities. Our first forum had some 250 guests and now we bring close to 600. Our next event will be held on November 10, 2018 and is expected to bring 800 guests.

Ratio Science Forum hosts many different topics, ranging from biology and chemistry to cognitive psychology and skeptical thinking. We’ve had more than 10 international speakers, including Susan Blackmore, Jerry Coyne and Christopher French.


Skeptics in the Pub

Skeptics in the Pub is a monthly series of informal science events aimed at strengthening the scientific and skeptics community in Bulgaria. The event is an official partner of the international Skeptics in the Pub events originated in the UK and held in 22 countries.

So far there have been close to 20 SitP events in Sofia, including movie screenings, chemistry demonstrations, live discussions and presentations on a variety of topics.


Video content

The reach of any physical event is limited. However, the Internet knows no boundaries and we use it to get more people on board with science. Talks on our YouTube channels have been viewed more than 50,000 times. We live stream Skeptics in the Pub events on Facebook and gather some 1000 views per video. Those numbers increase with every event.
Watch some of our videos in English:


Support Us

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