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EP24 – Water, gas imports, and nuclear missiles to Mars [w/ Zach Dickeson]

Our guest in this episode is Zach Dickeson, a geologist working at the Natural History Museum in London. Zach came to Sofia for one of our Ratio events where he talked about his research on signs of past liquid water on Mars.

During our podcast talk, we covered other questions, as well:

  • How realistic are Elon Musk’s plans to terraform Mars?
  • How three missions will work in unison to bring us the first samples of Martian soil?
  • What is the right approach in leading science discussions and is the most important bit to win?
  • How do we choose the names of rovers and other space apparatuses going to Mars?

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About our guest

Zach Dickeson is a Planetary Scientist based at the Natural History Museum and Birkbeck College in London, researching ancient lakes and oceans on Mars. Before studying Mars he completed a degree in Earth Geology, and his scientific background includes work in archaeology, laser eye surgery, and petroleum geology. Zach also enjoys sketching and uses science cartoons for education and outreach – here’s some of his stuff.

Zach came to Sofia for the event “Lakes, Oceans, and the Search for Life on Mars” – you can watch a recording of his talk here.

About the podcast

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